Eating Healthy When You’re A New Mom

The first months of motherhood exhaust and deplete your time, energy, physical, and mental health as your routine centers on meeting your little one’s every need. Your needs are just as important. After all, taking care of your baby entails taking care of yourself. The following tips aim to provide a quick, simple, and healthy boost to your days and nights as a new mother.


Trust in fruits. While a candy bar provides what seems to be an easy, attractive solution to your energy woes, that rush associated with refined sugar doesn’t last long, and usually leaves you feeling increasingly tired. Plenty of fruits provide sufficient energy while promoting digestive health. Eat fruits with high amounts of fiber, including pears, peaches, apples, oranges, and bananas.


Eat small portions throughout the day. Eating healthy means replenishing your energy levels on a continuous basis. While your hectic routine might not accommodate the traditional breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you might find it easier to incorporate smaller, more frequent meals. Planning ahead and keeping your refrigerator stocked with ready-to-eat meals help ensure that you eat enough. Yogurt mixed with fruit, bread and peanut butter, and vegetables dipped in hummus are examples of small, convenient meals that provide nutritious protein and carbohydrates.


 Always carry a bottle of water. Dehydration remains a top factor behind debilitating fatigue, and it often makes sleep deprivation harder to handle. Coffee and energy drinks might tempt you as you fight to stay awake, but they leave you feeling worse with headaches, exhaustion, and further dehydration should you consume them more than water. Whether or not you breastfeed your infant, refraining from caffeine and concentrating on your water intake does more to maintain your energy levels and quench your thirst.


Caring for a new baby tires and overwhelms, but prioritizing your nutritional needs can make a stressful time easier as you complete your routine with a fresh, energized, and healthful outlook. Uptown Emergency Room understands the invaluable relationship between continuous self-care and nurturing your newborn. If you are located within the Dallas area, call us at (214) 217-1818.