Liver Care

Your liver plays an important role in your overall health, acting as a filter for everything you eat and drink. When your body produces potentially harmful chemicals, your liver works to protect you by cleaning your blood of these substances. While helping your body break down fats from everyday foods by producing a liquid known as bile, the liver also serves as a source of energy through its storage of glucose, an essential sugar.


Living a health-conscious lifestyle goes great lengths in maintaining long-term liver care. While caring for your liver might seem daunting, the task is especially doable if you avoid certain substances that threaten your liver’s health.


Follow these tips for proactive liver care:


Avoid drinking huge amounts of alcohol. Cirrhosis involves swelling and/or scarring that results from damaged liver cells. Often, this illness is lethal as your liver loses its ability to function. In large amounts, alcohol kills liver cells. Drink responsibly and refrain from more than two drinks a day.


Be mindful of herbs, dietary supplements, and medicines you consume. Several popular herbs and dietary supplements might harm your liver over time. Avoid consuming cascara, kava, and ephedra as much as possible. Additionally, acetaminophen (Tylenol) can damage your liver if taken in large doses over a prolonged time period.


Avoid breathing in harmful chemicals. Take care not to make prolonged contact with household cleaning products, spray paints, and pesticides, as they all harm the liver. Not smoking is also advisable, as cigarettes contain additional substances that kill liver cells.


 Adopt an exercise routine and stick to a healthy diet. Avoiding a sedentary lifestyle and fatty foods not only reduces your likelihood of becoming obese, but also lowers the risk of developing nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. While cirrhosis is often associated with heavy drinking, it can also develop from years of unhealthy eating.


 Drink coffee. Current research reveals a link between regular coffee consumption and reduced risk of developing liver disease.


Your liver is invaluable, keeping your body clean while providing a necessary boost for you to tackle daily tasks. The staff at Uptown Emergency Room receives continual training and wields a wealth of knowledge regarding proper liver care. If you are located within the Dallas area, call us at (214) 217-1818.