How To Save Money On ER Service In Dallas

How To Save Money Before An Emergency Occurs



ER Service In Dallas - How To Make Emergency Care More AffordableWhen an emergency happens, and you’re rushed to the ER, one of the last things on your mind is asking your doctor if he or she takes your insurance or how much your visit is going to cost. However, for most of us, paying for ER service in Dallas may take longer to pay off than the time an illness or accident took to heal. That’s why knowing how to save money on your ER bill, before an accident occurs, is vital to keeping costs as low as possible. Our 24 hour facility, Uptown Emergency Room in Dallas wants to make sure that all of our patients get the quality care they deserve without stressing over the medical bills later. Find out how you can save money the next time you or a loved one is rushed to the Emergency Room.

Ways To Save Money For Your ER Service In Dallas

Emergency room visits are rarely a good time, but that doesn’t mean that your bill needs to give you another reason to rush back to the emergency room. Here are some ways you can save money on your next bill from the hospital before and after you get your statement.

Before You Get Your Emergency Room Bill

Be Ready For An Emergency – You never know when an emergency may strike and you’ll need to be taken to the ER. Regardless, you should always have a medical bag handy. This bag should include:


– your medical history and doctor records

– a record of your allergies

– any current medications you are taking


This can help to save you money during your ER service in Dallas by avoiding any additional testing that has been done by a previous doctors.


Help Your Doctor Help You – Being as specific as possible when you’re explaining your symptoms to a doctor, can mean the difference in the amount of zeros on your medical bill. Your Uptown Emergency Room doctors and nurses want to make sure that we aren’t wasting your time or money when you use our ER service in Dallas. Helping your doctor narrow down what may be going on with your health can mean less tests. Less lab tests equals less money.

After You Get Your Emergency Room Bill

ER Service In Dallas - Request an Itemized BillRequest An Itemized Bill & Check It – Uptown Emergency Room is more than happy to provide our patients with a bill that shows exactly what services we provided. Make sure to thoroughly examine your bill when you receive it. If something doesn’t seem right on your bill, contact the head of our billing department or department manager. Don’t wait for a phone call, hospitals (especially Emergency Rooms) are busy places and small details can sometimes slip through the cracks. Taking an active role will help to save money on your bill.


Don’t Be Afraid To Ask – Medical bills for your ER service in Dallas aren’t made to be difficult, but sometimes medical terminology or the events of the day may be difficult to understand or remember. If you are confused about a test, charge or anything else on your statement talk to a qualified doctor at Uptown Emergency Room or the billing department, we are more than happy to explain any and every charge on your bill.


Provide Financial Information –  If you are claiming financial hardship or don’t have insurance, be sure to provide all the information possible to support your claim. If you are able to, before you leave from your stay in the Emergency Room, drop into the billing department to see what will be expected from you to help lower the cost of your ER service in Dallas.


Pay Regularly – The last thing a hospital wants to do is send one of our patient’s bills to collections. Even if you have questions about your medical bill, make sure to stay up to date on payments to avoid any future repercussions.ER Service In Dallas - Making ER Care More Affordable


Staying informed and one step ahead of the game is the best possible way to save money when you need ER services. Not only do we want to make sure that all of our patients receive quality care when they visit Uptown Emergency Room, but we want to ensure that all of our patients feel heard and understand their medical statements. Your medical bill should never be the reason to send you to the emergency room!