What Is A Concussion?

More than 3 million Americans suffer concussions each year. Simply phrased, a concussion describes a brain injury caused by high, sudden impact, usually sustained during sports and exercise. Injuries largely stem from rapid movement of the brain as it collides with the skull. As abnormal brain movement sometimes changes the brain’s functioning and leads to irreversible cell damage, concussions require careful monitoring and medical attention.


While a concussion may occur with bruising and cuts to the skin around the head, signs of more serious injury may not be outwardly seen. Not everyone displays the same concussion symptoms. Some people might experience a brief period of unconsciousness and fail to recall details of their injury. Recovery times also vary from a few hours to several weeks.


Symptoms of a Concussion
Concussions carry a diverse set of symptoms that dramatically differ in intensity from person to person. Moreover, concussions impact thinking, physical and mental wellness, and sleep in the following ways:

Incoherent and slowed thinking.

Inability to concentrate, remember, and retain new information.

Reduced coordination.

Impaired vision.

Severe headaches.

Sudden nausea and vomiting.

Increased agitation, anxiety, and depression.

Increased or reduced sleep.

Difficulties falling asleep.


Younger children may show more noticeable signs of distress, including crying, unusually intense tantrums, and an inability to properly use the bathroom after recent toilet training.


Unless you sustained a high-impact head injury or witnessed someone get hurt during rigorous physical activity like sports, you may struggle determining whether a concussion occurred. Even if you only suspect that you or someone you know show symptoms of a concussion, seek medical care immediately. Uptown Emergency Room’s extensively trained medical team detects and addresses concussion symptoms to prevent further complications. Uptown Emergency Room actively treats symptoms of a foot sprain. If you are located within the Dallas area, call us at (214) 217-1818.